SUMCD Awarded Funding to Expand Hours

SUMCD was awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to expand the number of hours and days that enrolled children attend our Head Start Programs.

CEO Jane Campbell, says, “We are thrilled to receive this support to augment our services. We will start out by increasing program hours in seven classrooms throughout the three counties.” The agency will also receive start-up funding to install and upgrade outdoor areas, enhance classrooms and materials, expand transportation, and increase technology use.

According to the Office of Head Start, “research shows programs that run for fewer hours and fewer days may not have enough time to provide frequent intentional teaching… Long summer breaks can also undermine the gains that children make during the program year.” Two years ago, we pioneered this effort in our area by offering a 4-week summer Head Start Program. The additional funds will allow us to enhance our programs even further!