SUMCD Joins Mifflinburg Firefighters’ Parade

SUMCD friends and staff joined children who are enrolled in SACC and our early childhood programs to walk in front of our bus, blowing bubbles and handing out small boxes of crayons. The downpour forced all to run into the bus, where we continued to throw the crayon boxes and wave to the crowds who were braving the storm.

Pre-K Counts Expands to Snyder County

Early childhood education can be a vital stepping stone in helping children establish a firm foundation for their learning years. Thanks to grant monies made possible through the state of PA, SUMCD and the Midd-West School District are partnering to provide preschool services free to a limited numbered of qualified children ages 3–4 in Snyder County. An approved preschool curriculum will provide learning environments
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Summer Camps Compete in “All-Camp Olympics”

In a few short weeks some of our nation’s best athletes will be joining as one to compete in the 2012 London, England Olympics. In June, several of SUM Child Development’s Summer Camps joined as one to compete in the first-ever 2012 SUMCD “All-Camp Olympics” at SUMCD’s Selinsgrove location. Each camp came up with an Olympic-style game and invited all the camps to participate.
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Kelly Summer Camps Get Ready to Ride!

On Tuesday, June 26, the summer camps at Kelly Elementary School paired up with the Union County Sheriff’s Office to learn about bike safety. Deputy Sheriffs took the time to go over every child and bike from top to bottom, adjusting helmets, checking brakes, and adding air to tires. Once everything was thoroughly inspected, children learned important safety signals such as right turn, left
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Snyder/Union EHS Visits Alpacas at Patchwork Farm

Snyder/Union Early Head Start classes visited Patchwork Farm in Selinsgrove. The farm raises Alpacas. The children and their families were able to pet the animals and see how soft their wool is. The Alpacas were very friendly and didn’t mind all the attention. Children got to see the Mommy pen and the pen for last year’s babies. The babies were almost a year old
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