Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Please spread the word! SUM Child Development will award three $500 college scholarships to high school seniors who were enrolled in the SUMCD Head Start program as children and who plan to continue their education in a post-secondary school that awards associate or bachelor degrees.

The scholarship is given through the contributions of SUMCD staff as a way of rewarding the hard work and personal growth of our Head Start students.

Applications are due April 17th. Click here to download application.

Email LSTORER@SUMCD.ORG for more information or with any questions.

Raise the Region Fundraiser


We are participating in Raise the Region 2015—a 30 hour online fundraising event to support your favorite nonprofit.

Mark your calendars! From 6:00 p.m. March 11th until 11:59 p.m. March 12th—go online to and make a donation. All gifts are tax deductible.

All gifts will be stretched by a generous contribution from Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships.

We can also win prizes—stay updated on Facebook to see when your donation may make the biggest impact!Raise the region infographic







NEW Center for School-age Development

As our program for school-age children evolves to meet the changing needs of the kindergarten through 6th grade population, and to capture the extent of programming we have developed for this unique age group, it is time to change our name. We are proud to announce that the SUMCD School-age Programs will now be known as “SUM’s Center for School-age Development” (CSD). The program was featured in the Daily Item Newspaper.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

High quality school-age programs provide more than before- and after-school care. Our program focuses on helping youth prepare for the future. We believe that youth need the following skills for success: Communication and Thinking Skills, Teamwork and Leadership Skills, Self Direction and Self Regulation, Technology Skills, Professionalism, and Ethics. Our afterschool and summer camp programs help youth develop these lifelong skills with an emphasis on the core subject areas (math, science, technology, social studies, art, reading, language, and physical education) through engaging, fun, intentional, activities.

Our curriculum is based on the philosophy that there is “SUM ASSEMBLY REQUIRED” to help this age group grow into confident young adults. Our programs are co-evolving, meaning we involve the youth in developing the program and support them with professionals who guide children in seeing the unlimited possibilities of their future.


FREE Preschool – Call Now!

Looking for affordable preschool? How does FREE sound? That’s right FREE! Snyder Union Mifflin Child Development is offering a FREE preschool program for children ages 3-4 in your area.


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OR contact Carol Budd at 570-966-2845; email:  

Our Pre-K Counts program utilizes research-based curriculum and assessments to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond! Breakfast and lunch are provided.


Healthy Families America receives National Accreditation

Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) announced that the Healthy Families America (HFA) multi-site system Healthy Families Mifflin County, a program of SUMCD, has been accredited as a provider of high quality home visiting services to families who want to improve their child’s health, nutrition and developmental outcomes.

HFA is a signature program of PCA America that has been providing home visiting services for more than 20 years. Expectant and new parents have common questions about their child’s development. HFA connects with families through community partners like hospitals and pediatricians to find the answers to their questions, meeting within the familiarity and convenience of the family’s own home. HFA is an accessible, voluntary and well received service.

The accreditation process is based upon a stringent set of 12 critical elements grounded in more than 30 years of research. The process involves an in-depth examination of the site’s operation, as well as, the quality of the visits made by HFA home visitors.

“We commend the Healthy Families Mifflin Co. Program for opening itself up to such an intensive review process,” said Cydney Wessel, National Director of HFA. “We believe that all families and all communities deserve access to quality home visiting services.”

Kim MaClay mother of 23 month old Ashton MaClay said this of her experience with Healthy Families Mifflin County. “Soon our son turns 23 months and HFA has been with us from the start. Even before our son was born my husband and I could turn to HFA for helpful advice and tips on what to expect. Later, HFA staff shared our joy in the birth of our boy and continued to give us lots of support. It was especially helpful for us to get weekly visits because our family and friends were not always available. Like all new parents we had lots of questions but we knew that HFA was always there to support us the best they could.

As our baby boy grew, the help HFA provided also evolved. We were now able to play games, read stories and even make our own toys to share with our baby. Lots of information prepared us for months to come.

We especially enjoy HFA’s family nights and story time, because they give us a chance to connect with other parents and for our son to meet new friends.”

Congratulations to the HFA Staff on this commendable achievement!


Back Row (Left to Right): HFA Staff–Nancy Yoder, HFA Home Visitor; Brooke Penepacker, HFA Family and Community Resource Specialist; LeaAnn Goss, Data Entry; Dawn Wallace, HFA Home Visitor; Caitlan Messimer, Protective Factors Specialist;
Front Row (Left to Right): Lindsay Powell, HFA Home Visitor; Cindy Sunderland, HFA Program Manager; Cathy Dysinger, SUMCD Education Director.