Policy Council

For Current Policy Council information, read the Policy Council Meeting Summaries.

Policy Council is made up of parents of children who attend SUMCD Head Start or Early Head Start.  The purpose of the Policy Council is to plan and supervise the Head Start and Early Head Start programs for the children and families in Snyder, Union, and Mifflin Counties.

The Policy Council shall have legal responsibility as defined by federal law for the operation of the SUMCD Head Start/Early Head Start program. The Policy Council shall have additional responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors.


Program Development: To establish goals and objectives for the Head Start/Early Head Start program in relation to federal guidelines, and to develop and supervise a program to carry out these goals.

Community Participation: To interpret the Head Start/Early Head Start program to the community and to coordinate and organize activities for parents with the assistance of staff.

Recruitment and Enrollment: To assist in the recruitment and enrollment of eligible children and families for the Head Start/Early Head Start program.

Personnel: Approve personnel policies and decisions regarding the employment of program staff (excluding the executive director, Head Start director, director of Human Resources, chief fiscal officer, and any other position in an equivalent with the agency), including standards of conduct for program staff, contractors, and volunteers and criteria for employment and dismissal of program staff (Sec 642;2;d:vi).

Center Location: To locate and arrange for locations of Head Start/Early Head Start centers.

Grant Proposal: To plan, prepare, and revise fund requests and work plans.


All parents of children currently enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start and representatives of the community are eligible. A parent is defined as a person who meets one of the following criteria as relates to the child(ren) enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start: a) legal guardian, b) biological parent with custodial and/or visitation rights, c) foster parent, or d) spouse of a, b, or c.

Office of Head Start Program Instructions and
Information Memorandums

Program Instruction: Full Enrollment Inititative

Program Instruction: FY 2018 Funding Increase

Program Instruction: Fifty Percent Program Duration Requirement

Program Instruction: Electronic Submission of Real Property Standard Form (SF)-429 and Attachments

Program Instruction: Federal Reporting of Standard Forms (SF) 425 and 428

Program Instruction: FY 2017 Head Start Funding Increase

Information Memorandum: Expulsion and Suspension Policy Statement

Head Start Program Performance Standards Final Rule

FY 2016 Head Start Funding Increase

Supplemental Funds Available to Extend Duration of Services in Head Start and Early Head Start

Changes in Federal Reporting

Real Property Reporting and Request Requirements

Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

Supervision and Transitions

Notice of Proposed Rule Making: Head Start Program Performance Standards

SF-428 Tangible Personal Property Report, SF-429 Real Property Status Report

Helping Children and Families Experiencing Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

2014 Head Start Audit Compliance Supplement

Bus Transportation & Safety – Redundant (or Fail-Safe) Safety Systems

Electronic Grant Applications and Program Communications

Conversion of Enrollment Slots from Head Start Children to Early Head Start Children

Federal Recognition of Same-Sex Spouses/Marriages

Federal Oversight of Five Year Head Start Grants

FY 2014 Head Start Funding Increase