The Role of Parents

Parent Having Lunch with her ChildThe success of children in child care and the success of our services with families rely on the relationship between parents and program staff.

Parents have a variety of ways to participate. We recognize that parents have different interests and abilities to participate. Because SUMCD Child Care is always growing and changing, parents may find unique ways to contribute that we have not identified.

Some current options include:

  • eating lunch with your child
  • participating in center events helping on field trips
  • assisting with parent work days
  • serving on the center’s parent advisory committee
  • reading the parent bulletin board in the classroom, newsletters, and other materials
  • helping with the annual parent evaluation
  • bringing up concerns and issues in a constructive way for problem solving
  • volunteering in the classroom, staying a little extra at drop-off or pick-up times
  • helping with center fundraising
  • donating outgrown clothes, toys, games, “take-apart” items
  • supporting and appreciating the hard work of staff