Coding at the Capital

Josh Wagner, our Lewisburg head teacher, said that he was most impressed by “the way that the kids just jumped right in and starting showing the legislators what to do.”

Caroline Scheckter, a fifth-grade student at Linntown Elementary, explained “we’re taught how to code in school, so we have experience, and once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. It took the legislators longer to catch on. They were slower.”

Quinn Stanford, a fifth-grade student at Selinsgrove Intermediate School, agreed: “They know how to do so many things well, but they didn’t know how to work the computers that well. Some of them didn’t have computers in their day.” Quinn felt that computer education is important because “that’s how lots of things are made.”

Scheckter said that learning from computers and videos “intrigues you so it gets your attention better. It’s easier to remember facts from a video rather than the teacher just telling you.”

Senator Gene Yaw and Representative Fred Keller both participated. Both Scheckter and Stanford agreed that the legislators were “pretty nice” and that the experience was “super fun.”