Lewisburg’s CSD opened its “Makerspace” in March of this year. The Makerspace is an open environment for kids to create and explore.

According to  CSD & Makerspace Teacher Josh Wagner, “The workshops and Makerspace studios have been developed to integrate hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math skills geared towards fostering distinctive opportunities for children to learn, create, explore, make mistakes, develop critical thinking and 21st century skills, and have fun!”

Betsy Saatman, the TA Specialist for Pennsylvania Key, a state organization that works on behalf of the Office of Child Development and Early Learning, recognized the high-quality of the Makerspace and organized a demonstration open to all educators who run after-school programs in Pennsylvania.

The morning stared with a Q & A session with CSD Coordinator, Michelle Russell.

Then, children from Your First Page Learning & Development Center in Centre Hall joined the regular attendees of the Makerspace to begin creating projects, taught by Josh Wagner. Over twenty children, from pre-K to school age, participated.